Saturday, December 31, 2011

OMFG 2012

Heyyyy. I'm back!!! What a trip. So yeah. Its been a really great holiday. Fml i haven't done my homework WHATTODOWHATTODO finish your homework laa dumbass. Ugh.. tomorrow have to finish them.


2011 was a bitch to me. She likes to have fun, but she didn't look around, she was freaking careless. She likes expecting stuffs, but most of the things didn't turn out, then she'll curse around twitter and cried like days and days and those days were really rainy and gloomy. She was awesome, but sometimes she's being too agressive, and everything just fucks back at her. All her fault would be blame on ME and she's like


so yeah. I wasn't blaming her cause she's been bringing alot of joy and passion, oh and friends , and my love <3 but sometimes she just gets super busy and burnt all her calories that made her like a homeless without food so she has no energy to make things done and end up messing up everything fhl.

but now she's ended I'm really missing all the time we've been through. All the rainy days, would have a rainbow behind. And thanks for making my year wonderful.



no pressure. seriously. treat me better please T__________________________T

Its NYE and I'm on the computer now. My plan all ruined by NO. you should have know what's that. If you don't know that means MUM. get it get it? yeah.

But baby would be calling me and we'll get through 2011 to 2012 and i'm not foreveralone! :D

happy new year peeps!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!
<3 <3

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