Monday, December 19, 2011

mummy's birthday :D

Dad planned to have a dinner at home and invite some close friends, so we were really busy that day. Mum's supposed to like have a rest and wait for things to get done, but yeah.. she ended up doing all the things fhl. Oh and our spaghetti sauce chao da (burnt). wtf. Kakak left the fire open and we smell burning smell but thought it was something else until mum opened the pot and taste it and was like WTF in her eyes , and guests are coming like in 20 minutes. everyone nearly fucked up. So mum and sis cooked mushroom soup to become the sauce #likeapro I think no one knew it was actually mushroom soup ftl. I added so much cheese in it  hahahahahha.

well i didn't take much photo so I'll just post like a few pics up.
 "Look me in the eyes" face LOL. hahaha random but i just think im sexy wtf.
family <3 2 sisters missing tho. 


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMYYYYY <3333 LOve you a lot (:

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