Friday, December 16, 2011

a thousand smiles

Ko boon's DSLR.
 I get to choose all her clothes :D She can haz so much clothes O__O jelly. hehe :P
 awwww she's so sweeeeeeeeeeet ;)

taken by iphone.
guess who's nails have been painted!!!!!

tadaaaaa! =]
blue&silver cracker nail lacquer from Cosway.
 had mask that night.
Let me goooo Daddy!!!
awww she's asleep in her daddy's arms (: First time see ko boon so fatherly -_- LOL.
 omg look at her dainty hands!!!!! so cute!!!!! (: i like it when she holds my one finger with her whole hand. awwww :D
 top; Cotton on
shorts; Lozenge
bag; Brands Outlet

i forgot where i went already FML. 

oh caelynn again! :)

 姑姑 (aunty) get off me ok i wanna sleep. #likeaboss.jpg

OKOK. let you sleep la (:

last day i saw her. cute not her polka dot shirt!!! :D 

so, yeah. my week spent there was really awesome. except the part when i get sick. OMFG. 

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