Thursday, December 15, 2011

kisses from baby .

so here comes the days i spent in Kuantan. Most of the contents are baby Caelynn so yeah.

 now i know what is baby life. wtf.
sleep, drink milk, wake up, cry, bathe, sleep, drink milk, wake up, smile, sleep, bathe, wake up, cry, drink milk, open eyes, move hands, sleep, smile, wake up. lol. 
but still cute!!!! <3
 took this pic after i woke up so ignore my ugly face and hair. look at caelynn's mouth! hahahah :] cute!
 oi oi 
 the window and balcony from my room
yeah. balcony. and one step away i'll fall down to the garden. fml.

i played the guitar and talking to the moon in the 2 something at night. cause i can't sleep. then there were so many mosquitoes i gave up. lol.

dasao brought me to Revival Suite to get her hair cut. My hair is very short already so I get to wash only. Lol. But the service is very good :D got tea somemore. love the full length mirror. :) 
 It was a REDKEN saloon so my shampoo and wax was also REDKEN. 
upstairs living room. which is the place i spent most time watching tv and play psp. I watched downstairs too but kai ma or kai ye will be watching there. so, me , ko boon and dasao will be up here. 

 i took a pack of marshmallow from the fridge and brought up to eat while watching tv. and after that ko boon turned over and told me it was expired. WTF.
GT . real-life racing sport car. hoho. super shiok one. but i'm very lousy. bahhh.
 the penguin!!!! :D
 swimming. actually just relaxing. My hair didn't get all wet because I just had treatment remember?
 tweeting deck.
I was really afraid Letchu ( the new dog ) will jump in the pool and swim omg he is damn big. I am a dog lover but he's really too big. haha. I didn't dare to go near him but I promise I'll take a photo of him next time! And yes he can swim T___T The kakak kept asking me to call him and i did. but when he came i swam really away really fast like shouting OMGOMGOMG hahahaha. he went back cause nothing happened. lol.
 saw a random rainbow on the toilet wall. lol.

stay tune next post (:

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