Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Its been a loooong time since I had one fine day sitting down yumcha with my babes. Yeah. always busy =( And this time babyboy is not joining so its all about girls. Out from nowhere, ecia came with her new bf, so they have their own world. hahahaha :D

yumcha at Tutti Frutti 

 mine. Its super cold inside so we left the lovey birds and went outside. kept chit chatting until my yogurt also melted. #wasted
 zen, eve, vic :D
 zoe (:
paparazzi LOL. 

Walked to taman :DD

semi-photoshoot ^_^
 wooo! damn hard one. #likeapro
 HI wtfff.

outside Tutti Frutti (:

 good-a-bye (:

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