Monday, December 5, 2011

Namiconia Konjac Sponge

I really don't know what to blog (actually because I never go out for quite some time #foreveralone.jpg)  about so I'll just advert something good for you guys la ;)

I've been using this sponge for one more than one month and its really effective and good :D

Its a japanese brand and you know japanese are super freaking awesome right?Its freaking trusted and its 100% natural vegetable fiber.

 it comes in like air-sucked and its small and hard.
 there is a string attached to it so you can hang it onto somewhere.
 soak in water for 15 minutes 
 and it becomes like this
there are little bubbly holes and its super cute.
 rub it against your face in round motion everytime you wash your face. You can use it with your facewash product or without its up to you :)
 and its super spongy! 
  squeeze out the water and hang it somewhere dry (don't hang it in your bathroom) You can also put it inside the fridge. this gets veryyy interesting hahahaha. when its harden its like freezing ice when you use it on your face its like ohsofresh haha. real life: omfggg so colddd. Just kiddin' la, it really feels good ^^

-prevents acne and kills pimple bacteria
-closes skin pores
-smoothen skin
-for all skin types

Its Rm28 but its totally worthy!

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Take care of your skin starting with small methods that you missed out ;)

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