Sunday, September 25, 2011

Red Velvet

If you have seen DC Cupcake,  they have Red Velvet cupcake for special orders during Valentines Day. which is super popular during February.

And if you watched Masterchef , they had a challenge to make a 6 layered cake and one did Red Velvet.

If you still don't know what Red Velvet is,

well it is basically a cake light chocolate cupcake that is red in colour, and usually prepared as layer cake and topped with cream cheese.

Red Velvet has become kinda popular at my family. But honestly, I have NEVER tried one before. both my sisters at KL said it was nice but we didn't have a chance to try =(

So me and my mum decided to try making this. *cross fingers* cos we didn't really know how it taste la wtf .

this. is. red velvet. cupcake.

all you need for one recipe of red velvet cupcakes are:

For the Cream Cheese Frosting:

  • 1 pound cream cheese, softened
  • 2 sticks butter, softened
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 4 cups sifted confectioners' sugar
after baking the cpcakes.
 fluffy and colour perfect! 
(the cupcake wasn't meant to puff out because we still have frosting to do!)

tadaaaaa! looks super mouth-watering right.. xD
 om nom nom 
 how it looks inside . ;)
 my mummmyyyy =]

it taste really good. woooots <3 vicky and minyee then came to try . haha. :D 
next time mummy retired, i'll freaking ask her to open a bakery. heh heh.
 because my mum makes the best bread, cakes and sweet desserts, to serve sweet tooth like me ^^

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Frozen Yoghurt

 outfit for TGIF
polka dot top: JV
squirrel pants: Sungei Wang
belt: Jess
oxford flats: Vincci 

Went to Tengku Anis for the Leo & Lions joint project "share the love all around" where they gather some old folks', orphans and some community centre kids and adults to entertain them and give them goodies .
 we went there very late. LOL. 

Angeline who was very busy.. hmmph. 

 xiang lung aka hei long. that played walky talky wit vivian haha. 

ends like 40 minutes after we went. Had lunch there.

while waiting for sis to finish her tuition, asked mum to bring me to Tutti Frutti
 which is newly opened in KB. shocked. but great news!
 first try so i took the Rm10 one first.

 peach, grape, strawberry & banana mixed.
kinda messy lol. 
Rm17 wtf.
 it is really nice as I'm a yoghurt big fan! love it but it is very cold. and expensive. hmmph.

will go there again!!! gotta top it nicer next time =D

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Hair

 still can't get off Bubble Ice lol?
ignore the worker . duhh.

And i just realized that I really haven't have a pose of my hair before . lol. So here it is =)

I cut my hair at Coudee which is beside Bubble Ice and the owner is the same!

 So obviously my haircut is boycut which was an idea that came out of nowhere. My fringe was keeping side until the day I'm caught or cut by school teacher. FTL. so I won't cut myself.
 the side of my hair is half of my ear and the back is shaved.
 I <3 Chiang Mai tee =)

 inside Coudee

 playing LOL. my hairdresser is Tony who is behind me cutting Mei San's hair. I took one of his photo and he deleted . lol!
 camwhore camwhore ;D

Like my hair? Love Coudee .

Its near Pelangi Mall and Capitol nasi dagang. go find go find! 

I was doing this advert as promised because I got free haircut that day. lol.

Monday, September 19, 2011

oink baby oink :*

Xin Yin's [pig yin] birthday and also 12 girls' out @ Bubble Ice

Some was already there when I reached. They pulled me to camwhore already. LOL.

pastel floral top; BKK
pale pink shorts; Gossips
belt; Primark
flats; Lozenge

my fringe looks like I've got highlighted . haha xD
 cute not cute not? :D
 birthday girl (:
 behind one kelai hahahaha
love this. candid shot =)
bluffone* highlighted hair again . can't get it off. haha! :D
 Er Er
 Ziwan, eve

lime juice. lol. because i can't take cold drink that day and i think this is better than the other drinks lol.
 noob boon :DD
my fish and chips. 

F&B ratings:★★ over 5 
 there was this super stupid "burstday" which was supposed to me "birthday" song played. wtf wtf. didn't finish taking the photo i started laughing. haha.
 and then me and evelyn stood together (wrong decision!) LOL. we started laughing and laughing and laughing when its the time to capture . garrr. then zoe also laughed. everyone laughed. ha!
played Stack' Em & card games :D
Vic came late because she went to do passport. Wanted to give up waiting but she came =)
 her drink ver nice. i ordered for her one :P

group photo again!

 LOVE <3 most of us 嘟嘟嘴 haha.
loads and loads of camwhore in my camera. aiyahh see you're the birthday girl put one pic of u la hahaha :D