Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Hair

 still can't get off Bubble Ice lol?
ignore the worker . duhh.

And i just realized that I really haven't have a pose of my hair before . lol. So here it is =)

I cut my hair at Coudee which is beside Bubble Ice and the owner is the same!

 So obviously my haircut is boycut which was an idea that came out of nowhere. My fringe was keeping side until the day I'm caught or cut by school teacher. FTL. so I won't cut myself.
 the side of my hair is half of my ear and the back is shaved.
 I <3 Chiang Mai tee =)

 inside Coudee

 playing LOL. my hairdresser is Tony who is behind me cutting Mei San's hair. I took one of his photo and he deleted . lol!
 camwhore camwhore ;D

Like my hair? Love Coudee .

Its near Pelangi Mall and Capitol nasi dagang. go find go find! 

I was doing this advert as promised because I got free haircut that day. lol.

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