Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Elaine's Farewell

 @ Joe & Pepper ( beside Lena Ballet if fyi)

 Complimentary herbs bread. damn niceeeeeee. homemade wow.
My wild mushroom soup
Elaine and Angeline's pasta
 mine!!! Baked salmon and homemade tartar sauce. love the diced seasoned vegetables (balsamic vinegar love max!)
 Mum's sea bass
 group photo
from left- Pin, mum, me, Anne, Elaine

 one pic with the star of the dayy :D
 fooling around while waiting for desserts
 mum's apple strudel
 Anne's scones
 my tiramisu . pin ordered same thing as me.
 Elaine's new york cheesecake
shorts from Blueberry. 

blogging bout food makes me damn hungry..

these days have been really suffering. </3

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