Thursday, September 8, 2011

จังหวัดเชียงใหม่เชียงราย (that means ChiangMai)

So I'm back from my Holidays at Chiang Mai! <3 was really fun. Weather there was awesome! Sunny. Luckily it didn't rain much =) Pictures says it all!

Woke up at 5 something in the morning with the worse stomach cramp ever. I was sleeping with pain already but I thought I was dreaming. But then I woke up it was really pain. Went to the airport and drank hot milo. suddenly it didn't hurt that bad anymore.

 Pancakes in the plane were nice. Hot Milo again =)
Our hotel was in the town, Le Meridien. Opposite Zoe's hotel wtf never saw her and everywhere we went were same . lol. 

first destination @ Elephant camp. Our driver was Tony that approached us from the airport with his "THB &RM" magic lol. was quite pro but i think one side of the money is rm5 and the other side of the money is thai baht. so yeah. Well he was a really nice person . he can speak english ! so that's good.

 say Hello!
 when they walk, they hook their trunk on the other's tails .how cute.

 how big is an Elephant's mouth.

their drawing!! I also can't draw like that =.= elephants are pro.

random cendol while we had buffet lunch at the elephant camp. 

elephant riding =)

 our elephant was Sandi!
 and the guy was One!

 taken by One. He took my camera and snapped us then went down from Sandi! he said byebyeee~ and then let Sandi walked us alone. wtf. somemore the place was the highest (we went up the mountain) and coming down. super scary.
but we still managed to smile hahaha ;D

the adults went to massage so I went back to the hotel. 

 same same. relax =)
please notice that the word "same same" is super popular in thailand and they even had a same same T shirt for it. cool not? Wanted to buy for boon (driver 2, story later) but mum said too expensive ( bargain failed) lol.

 found this BEST SNACK in night market just outside our hotel. bought 2 packets we ate ourselves. the good thing is. it actually lasted till the next day and still so crispy!!! me and gege like it so much . haha.
its fried bbq flavored banana crisp. bought super many back for the friends :)

 night outfit .

we went to PLAYHOUSE to watch A kua show (ladyboy) haha. Boon (Tony's brother in law) sent us there and he was our driver after that.

the good thing is, 
we were sitting in the best view (front row) and there were only 6 of us in a row ,

ALL A KUAs! (maybe exclude some of the dancers )

actually i bluff one

In Chiang mai now its called low season cause its hot or raining and most of the tourists go on Winter (just very cold weather)
but the playhouse still open and we were the only customer that night! they were really hardworking. but its thb 1000 (rm100) per person still! i'm 500 btw :P get to bargain haha.
well, then we get to take pics with the crew!

tadaaa! :D
actually the best thing about travel in low season is you don't really have to squeeze with the crowd, waiting food for a looooong time, and this too! get to see things yourself! haha.
 he cheat one! he was actually shorter than gege. lol. he tiptoed!
 flexible ftw.

then we went to have supper . everyone of us insists LOCAL THAI FOOOD that thai people eat not tourists .
 super mini fishball kao sui (noodle soup)
so smalll . but very nice =)

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