Monday, September 19, 2011

oink baby oink :*

Xin Yin's [pig yin] birthday and also 12 girls' out @ Bubble Ice

Some was already there when I reached. They pulled me to camwhore already. LOL.

pastel floral top; BKK
pale pink shorts; Gossips
belt; Primark
flats; Lozenge

my fringe looks like I've got highlighted . haha xD
 cute not cute not? :D
 birthday girl (:
 behind one kelai hahahaha
love this. candid shot =)
bluffone* highlighted hair again . can't get it off. haha! :D
 Er Er
 Ziwan, eve

lime juice. lol. because i can't take cold drink that day and i think this is better than the other drinks lol.
 noob boon :DD
my fish and chips. 

F&B ratings:★★ over 5 
 there was this super stupid "burstday" which was supposed to me "birthday" song played. wtf wtf. didn't finish taking the photo i started laughing. haha.
 and then me and evelyn stood together (wrong decision!) LOL. we started laughing and laughing and laughing when its the time to capture . garrr. then zoe also laughed. everyone laughed. ha!
played Stack' Em & card games :D
Vic came late because she went to do passport. Wanted to give up waiting but she came =)
 her drink ver nice. i ordered for her one :P

group photo again!

 LOVE <3 most of us 嘟嘟嘴 haha.
loads and loads of camwhore in my camera. aiyahh see you're the birthday girl put one pic of u la hahaha :D


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