Monday, September 5, 2011

KL first =)

 Reached KL at 12 something. Had lunchhhh at Pavilion =)
 with kai ye, kai ma and kai jie.
 sisters and couz <3

Shopping at Pavilion for awhile, then we went to Bangsar.

 waiting for Min and Gege after we went to Gossips.

 Had some drinks at Antipodean.
 LOL Jon looks like a small boy. He had his hat on because he left his razor in our house . haha.
 me and my cappuccino
tasty fries. 

Went to Blueberry and then find mum and kai ma at Bello.
Jordan! Bello boss's doggie ^^
cute :D

then we went for dinner with Esderlyn's family . 

 baby octopus
 this is Salmon skin crisp. super crispy man.
 softshell crab california roll.
 love this max. baked scallops with cheeeeese <3
 unagi sushi
 big group. it was Aunty Liss's brithday we had green tea cake roll from RT's . delicious maxxxx. didn't took the photo x.x
mocha icecream.

slept one night at Tune Hotel. small like watttttt. and airplane sounds.. aircond sounds.. i can't sleep.. miss someone so badly..

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