Thursday, September 22, 2011

Frozen Yoghurt

 outfit for TGIF
polka dot top: JV
squirrel pants: Sungei Wang
belt: Jess
oxford flats: Vincci 

Went to Tengku Anis for the Leo & Lions joint project "share the love all around" where they gather some old folks', orphans and some community centre kids and adults to entertain them and give them goodies .
 we went there very late. LOL. 

Angeline who was very busy.. hmmph. 

 xiang lung aka hei long. that played walky talky wit vivian haha. 

ends like 40 minutes after we went. Had lunch there.

while waiting for sis to finish her tuition, asked mum to bring me to Tutti Frutti
 which is newly opened in KB. shocked. but great news!
 first try so i took the Rm10 one first.

 peach, grape, strawberry & banana mixed.
kinda messy lol. 
Rm17 wtf.
 it is really nice as I'm a yoghurt big fan! love it but it is very cold. and expensive. hmmph.

will go there again!!! gotta top it nicer next time =D

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