Saturday, September 10, 2011

a little relax


 ate loads of passionfruit =)
 from left: gege,kaima, me, Tony, Boon, kaiye, dad, mum.

we went to the hill top temple.

 love the background .

 I call this the cute Buddha. hehe.

the godfamily ;)

I love my hair :P

then. dinner at Huen Phen (Full moon)
 kao sui (fish curry noodles )
 sticky lie (rice)
after lunch, we went back to the hotel. the adults went massage again. then me and gege went shopping =)

then we also went swimming. laugh like hell inside the swimming pool. others see us like siao po. hahaha. laugh die.
dinner time
 @ the market. some thai teo chew restaurant
 keep calling her hamster :3

yummy food tho i still crave for tomyam souppppp =(
random pic took in the pub.

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