Wednesday, November 30, 2011



so this is my new BLOGskin!!!
I know I've abandoned everyone of you for a long time . sorry sorry sorry. First I was having problems with blogging space. [SOLVED] Then I've spent my time since holiday trying to design my blog. I first tried ready-make blog designs but then you know, its not mine. and it fucking has the icon on my blog. oh yeh the one thing I'm gonna thank is only GOOGLE. seriously. every question, every tutorial, every photoshop method (from YOUTUBE) although not every thing I want might turn out, but it still had the satisfied answers :D It was damn tiring one lo. I used blogger template then designed in photoshop.

I did my photoshoot at home alone #foreveralone cause I can not get out or no one can help me (fuckyou lauevelyn hahaha) then a lot of people have been asking for my blog so i decided to just do it myself la :D

in my room. lol. guitars on the right.
 oversized smile face crop top; Miusa I-fashion Shop (online)
glasses; Cotton on.

the hardest part would be the background and the header. I edit, upload, change, edit, upload, change the background image to fit the spaces like a thousand times. damn. The header was slightly facing the left but i wan it in the center. tried damn many ways but still can't get it right. Until I read some place in google and i finally found the answer. i was screaming damn hard. i feel like screaming now too! haha.

so yeah. have fun reading :D

bye =)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Exam and Performance

vocal exam.
I love my short hair :P
 black dress; Primark UK
belt; yin's
 my exam was kinda OK.. i guess. finger's crossed! my guitar exam is tomorrow la damnnnnnn. today got to practise whole day . goodluckgoodluckgoodluck!


after that we had this trinity award ceremony, as usual for every year. this time we had a joint charity concert with the H.E.A.R.T foundation from KL. Miss Wong (Katherine) was our conductor, she's also the teacher of the KL group. There is a group of musicians (voilin, piano, etc) they're also our age laa. i wanna join their group cuzz they go for tour =( ok shut up.

pictures laa :D
 yan jie
 sylvie and her "barbie effect" lol. 

 wei wei, alvin, dicky, jeff.
 keyboard and choir
 voilin, guitar, cello
 i'm playing the guitar but i deleted all my pictures taken cos i'm very ugly hahaha. 
love the christmas hat? got light one! cuteeee :P
 Vie singing. 
I sang too but didn't get to take photo cos i asked my friend to take video only.

 rockschool examinor, Mr Andy Robertson. He is damnnnnn big size man. the first day he came he wore black shirt and pants like Johny Bravo. haha.
 outstanding achiever.
 went out with the girls to gossip. LOL.

 saw a lot of people drinking this super cute water and we went to find some. sadly all finished already =( then 董事长 (desmond's grandma) said she kept some for herself and she gave 3 for 3 of us! awwww! thanks grandma! :D
pose pose. advertise LOL.
 cute right!!
 Iris the top scorer! She's damn good lo. Piano Diploma Grade 4 Distintion weiiiii. *wow*

it was a realy great night. but veryy busy. I ran here and there to change i didn't even get to see the mirror and go up stage . I wonder do i look messy. LOL.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

random weeeeeeks

Have been really busy these weeks so I'll randomly put some random photos of the weeeeeeks. Sorry peeeps ^^

ko leong came back and brought the baby boys too! pin drove us to their house.
heng ;) he is super blur one. hahaha. he had mosquito bites on him face. poor babyyy.
 a cheng playing with the balloon we brought for them. he sucked the balloon in his mouth LOL.
 too cute! I actually set this picture as my camera start-up image. hahahah.
 he can not sit still. se mo tang (caterpillar) haha.
 I carried him down from upstairs and he sneezed at me. ON MY FACE!!! i'm like OMGGGG and quickly put him to his ye ye (grandfather) then go wipe my face. and he did like twice! so cute. haha. 
botak cheng xD
 heng is soooo blur.
 still blur. lol. but cute ^_^
 he can walk already!! mad cute lo. :3

buffet breakfast at hotel. 
was just using up our voucher. lol. end of year already aaaaaaa..

 aunts and uncles came back for grandparents' anniversary. 

dinner @ rennaissance.

 last day at school
 playing speed. super syiok lo. jumping and shouting here and there. hahaa.
 bff :D
 while tables and chair are moved upstairs to prevent flood. 
new game I invented. It should be played by only 2 person lol. roll and see who falls first. I fell on the floor once when I was playing with eve . wtff. XD
 group photo ^_^
dickyyyy with the girls. LOL.
Eve eve eve eve eve =]