Monday, November 14, 2011

was away.. 2

Day 3

 scallop chiffon top; gossips
peach high waisted shorts; gossips

carving for some fish head noodles leh!!!!!!!!!!!
 luckily it was still there! omg this is the best fish head noodles i've ever eaten. @ Wei yip. in sunway mas. actually they changed boss d, but they still sell this. LUCKILY! i'm so hungry now =(
 mum with me, while the two sisters and the daddy went opposite to eat ko lo mee.

shopping @ I u (:
 vain. lol.

 just ran over the magazines in MPH and saw this top that was same as mine! colour diff tho.

first thing to find at MPH: 那些年,我们一起追的女孩。 i was very very excited and nervous, and i found it on the shelf, it was the LAST one!!!! omg damn happy i almost shouted out. ha.
 <3 <3 <3
pink bracelet with love charm that i got from cotton on for only rm2.50 for charity (: I bought a sunnies that was initially rm40 and with any item ,rm15. when i went to the counter i asked the girl and she said i can get this bracelet and buy the sunnies cheaper. lol. i nearly laughed out . haha. but its a great deal btw :DDD

crab for dinner! with babies!
 heng heng :D he's too cute! <3 cheng is too busy with angry birds lol.

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