Thursday, November 10, 2011

was away.. 1

Back from Hol, skipped school 2 days. went Ecia's house with the girls to watch ghost show. LOL. korean. luckily it wasn't scary enough to make me pee. haha. second day was at KL.

 dad drove us. so boring. in. the. car.
chiffon ribbon outer cloth; Lozenge
singlet; Auzz
shorts; Yinhoo

after cleaning up the condo (my sis don't clean up her home -_-) then got ready for dinner.
crop singlet; cotton on
shorts; cotton on
belt; lozenge

 Betty's MidWest Kitchen @ Aman Suria.

yummy food which i won't say who's is who's. but mine is certainly no meat. i don't eat meat. i eat seafood.

 sis, me and mummy.

 i think i had a bad hair day, so i pin up my fringe. sleepy eyes. lol.
 floral top; lozenge
jeans high waist; lozenge
belt; yin's

lunch at Fat Spoon! Mel's (min's fren) family restaurant. it is really popular cause a lot of bloggers went there and had great reviews. they always had like a flea there, and they do theme party like baby shower? valentines? C-U-T-E. :D
 books you read when you're 5?
 it's the menu.
 awesome dao tuo ku (take off my pants.) lol.
 passion fruit juice
 actually the first red velvet i've ever eaten . hard to explain bout mum's one.
 comics in the toilet! ha.
 and the chairs are ALL DIFFERENT. so creative .

my dinner. in Sungei Wang. (forget the name of the restaurant lol)

shopped at Sungei Wang. bought quite alot of pieces. Adores. 

me and yin send min to Library. (duh. its a pub name, haha). 

I told min.
me:  wow! one day i can tell mum i'm going to Library and go clubbing. cool.
min: ........ everyone knows it. 
me: LOL. wadever.

then we went to Jon (yin bf's) house to take something and i had to pee. lol. played with okim the black sausage dog. haha. he's so cute :D the legs are so short he can't even climb the stairs! so cute! xD

supper at KTZ (记得食) at subang.

red bean soup finished d, so had to order green bean soup.
if you don't like eggplant, this is A DAMN GOOD START! it taste like french fries and its super yummyyyy i'm gonna make it some time. its fried eggplant tho.

next day.

JOJO pan mee .
lat jiu (chilli) pan mee
 fishball kinda .. yeah this's mine. lol. but the chilli one taste really good. :D

High tea at Shangri La Hotel.

dressed up . cos u know high tea, classy, uh?
and noticed we were all wearing blue. haha! 


ordered Earl Grey and camillia or whatsoever. I just knew how to drink earl grey tho.
 sugar set.
 this is actually sugar cube in a stick. i call it sugar lollipop.
 mix it till you get the sweetness you want. so cute! haha.
candid picture of colour accent that i tried on my camera while waiting for the three tier.

three tier high tea set for 2 person. seriously? the portion is so big. luckily we ordered for 2 means for 4 la hahaha.

first layer: scones with mascarpone cream and pastry with eggwhite thingy.
 second layer is sanwiches and ciabatta and rolls.

 sweet stuffs like macaroons, cakes, tartlets and so on.
come on. everyone was like taking pictures and when can we start to nom on!
ok la last glam pic. lol.

some nice food 
 first macaroon i've ever eaten. one word: sweet. & dun enjoy it. lol.
 us and fruit tartlets *_*

toilet. as usual. camwhore. especially infront of a bigass mirror O_O
 sillysisters <3
 soft skintone.
meh~ its just my camera lens was blur. haha.
i love this one a lot! but i think im a little hunched back. ngekks.

btw i was wearing;

light blue printed ribbon dress; sungei wang 
clincher; yin's
black wedges; chiang mai

 saw this in the toilet inside tokyo street
can anyone tell me what is this hamster's name!!! freaking forgot!!!

went on shopping spree in Daiso. lolololol. once u buy, pls get the fuck off. if u walk in again you'll end up in the counter again. i paid like 3 times wtf .
 dinner in tokyo street .

next post (:

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