Thursday, November 24, 2011

random weeeeeeks

Have been really busy these weeks so I'll randomly put some random photos of the weeeeeeks. Sorry peeeps ^^

ko leong came back and brought the baby boys too! pin drove us to their house.
heng ;) he is super blur one. hahaha. he had mosquito bites on him face. poor babyyy.
 a cheng playing with the balloon we brought for them. he sucked the balloon in his mouth LOL.
 too cute! I actually set this picture as my camera start-up image. hahahah.
 he can not sit still. se mo tang (caterpillar) haha.
 I carried him down from upstairs and he sneezed at me. ON MY FACE!!! i'm like OMGGGG and quickly put him to his ye ye (grandfather) then go wipe my face. and he did like twice! so cute. haha. 
botak cheng xD
 heng is soooo blur.
 still blur. lol. but cute ^_^
 he can walk already!! mad cute lo. :3

buffet breakfast at hotel. 
was just using up our voucher. lol. end of year already aaaaaaa..

 aunts and uncles came back for grandparents' anniversary. 

dinner @ rennaissance.

 last day at school
 playing speed. super syiok lo. jumping and shouting here and there. hahaa.
 bff :D
 while tables and chair are moved upstairs to prevent flood. 
new game I invented. It should be played by only 2 person lol. roll and see who falls first. I fell on the floor once when I was playing with eve . wtff. XD
 group photo ^_^
dickyyyy with the girls. LOL.
Eve eve eve eve eve =]

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