Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 2 @ Chiang Rai

Tony and Boon was pronouncing chiang lai chiang lai i get really confused. This is Thai-glish.

Kai ye is the boss . boon called -> bot.
kai ma is madam.
daddy is Sir.
mum is mummy.
me and gege are babies. lol.

wanna know more thai-glish?

now we go chane (change) money, bot (boss) got money pay Boon.
money exchange was the first place we went. (zigzag/snake) -means commissions. lol.

hotel breakfast buffet =)

I saw this little drinks on the counter and I just grab one thought it might be a refresher or something. It was written "eye opener" but whatever.

 had my first little sip and its super wakes me up . its sour and thick. lol. really an eye opener. haha. this one was strawberry mixed with something else. Gave the family to drink, and they went to take . and after the next 2 days they take like 2 (different flavored) they eventually loved it lol. ASIANS FTW! ;P

 no need to wait!!! :D
salmon , avocado and poached egg on star shaped sandwich bread. cuute ^^
spicy fish salad. 
this one actually just a side dish for the porridge == and dish salad actually it is just anchovies (ikan bilis) and some vegetables and quite nice sauce. this is my dish? lol. but its creative laaaaaaaa hahaa. but why do they need to make it so high class ? lol. ikan bilis ma ikan bilis lo :P
 waffle with maple syrup and fruits
last but not least, fruit yogurt. you can just take the whole container. hahaa. and yes I ate them 3 breakfast in a row. <3 i love yogurt. 

 me outside our hotel =)
I wore something similar to the day before cos I don't bring alot of long pants and we have to visit the temple so no shorts..
 painted my nails nude peach <3
bought from Rubi at KL in cotton on for only rm10. sales are going mad. i can live in cotton on ^^
 on the way, we stopped at the hotspring.
 foot spa :D

 boiling eggs
 these bird eggs are very yummy tho. ate there with soy sauce (Y) sorry for the chipped nails ><

stopped by half way on the road to eat mini pineapples :D

 so cute ^^

our next stop is Long neck Village
 small girl starts to be like that already..
 damn heavy la for god's sake. this is not even half ==
 longest so far?
the pretty twins =) i think they're the most modern one. they go out lo. like for holidays , and they wear them on. lol.

girls with long neck are those who are born on the lucky day. like their lucky day er.. thursday and somedays only. i think they feel pain but i think that they still are proud of themselves. hmmph.

we were so hungry so Boon brought us to this local thai food restaurant.

so craving for thai food omgomgomg.

 tomyam soup. it is sooooo tasty i am so hungry now T.T we ordered 2 of this. haha.
 pad thai. its like char kuew tiew but nicer :D
 somtam. made everyone of us tears. haha. very spicy. but very nice.
owner's dog. look like lai lai. (kaiye kaima's previous NAUGHTY dog) lol.
 with the lady boss and her shop. my scarf was bought in the long neck village. love the colour =) gege got a purple one.
 golden triangle.
brown and gold :)
 with gege
 bot ride to visit Laos and Myanmar

she's so cute ^^

went Laos without passport ;p
we are worm welcoming your to bokeo province

kaiye craving for coffee because

kaiye: bot wan drink coffee so won't sleep can make boon laugh
boon: nvm bot sleep boon continue die (drive)

boon's laugh is "kkkkkk" (kay without the ay)
if something funny he'll just laugh normally like haha (fake one) if its really funny then he'll make the kkkkk sound. made us laugh the whole trip . damn. he's so cuuteee. when something funny we'll all copy him kkkkk then he said:" no copy a!!" hahahahaha. kaima can laugh till cry. lol. then daddy take tissue for her. hahaha.

boon brought us here. Designer coffee house. the owner has a really cute doggg. too bad didn't had the chance to take the dogggy.
my cappuccino.

the owner is a house developer. she came and brought us to her housing estate oowwwaaa. daddy said kaima is a designer hahaha. the houses are really nice and cheap. wooooo. but all sold out. lol. just for viewing la. i also dono go there for wat. lol.

 stop by white temple but its closed already.. so we just went to take picture outside.

back to hotel and online.
gege's iphone cover. and her ic inside. hahahahhaa. her little face revealed. 

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