Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I'll be back soon!

I'll be in Kuantan for a few days, I am not sure how long will I be there but I'll come back when i'm homesick. LOL. I'll be there alone, doing some work. i bluff you one. actually i'm just going for fun. See baby, swimming at home, watch tv, relax, oh oh play with the new dog (lessie died last few months T__T) and i hope to have some shopping muaahah, and i wanna go to the cinema, well i'm staying at my god parents' place so apparently that's my house too la. LOL.

I wish I can blog about stuffs going on. See you soon! ^_^

one random pic so you will read my blog post. LOL. this was taken when i cut my fringe by myself. Yeah. success :D 

well take care peeeeeps (:

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