Monday, January 2, 2012


ran out of idea for the title. sorry =P 

in the plane to KL.

The airhostess gave me this and asked me to do a survey about firefly. I was like 0___0 I guess cause she saw me listening to my ipod and i'm ok using it lolol.
itouch2 wtf. can i take picture with that? hahaha

Next day

went shopping with mummy at 1u. Someone couldn't make it so sad.
grey rope tie t shirt; couz's
shorts; Lozenge
slippers; Universal Studio SG
christmas scallop theme . so cute n__n

next day 

Shopped at Bangsar with sis and mum.
lunch was awesome. Indian food @ Nirwarna. 

Dinner with family for Christmas/ mum and sis's birthday.
pink peterpan collared dress; min's
stachel bag; brands outlet
wedges; ChiangMai
mummy (:
my sister can haz sexy back. 
camwhore . 
took from Pin's DSLR.
yeah yeah. She looks like cat woman that night. 
I was on nude lipstick so I look pale. or should i say innocent and pure. HAHAHAHA. just joking come one :P
family ^__^

everyone's smiling and I look like :"hmmmph" LOL
the girls 
Cake from RT . Fully support RT pastry cause its like the best bakery ever. This is 'strawberry garden" and it taste awesome. We brought back the leftover and I finished them the next morning lolol.
Jon sis's bf on the right. 
christmas season must have christmas tree maa! 

went back home and fooled with the sister.
the blue star stick was from her Jolin concert . I wanna go T__T
polaroids taken that night =]
 one film costs 3 bucks. wtf. One pack can cost you 30 bucks . somemore its mini. sighh.
tho. i look chio in this pic AHAHAHA.

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