Thursday, January 5, 2012

2011 in a wrap

So yeah. This is what I did in 2011, as a summary =)

#1 Most importantly, I started a new life in secondary studying Form 1. That was probably the most memorable year cause its the first year. Everyone was so blur and thinking back then, we're really noob. hahahahah.
 I got no picture but this ugly one sorry >< Did you realized my hair looks brown here too? hahahah.

#2 Was a freak for Anthony Neely with Zoe and Xinyin. hahahahhaaha. Well Vanness is still a LOVE =)
 this is freak.
#3 My birthday haz no bash. But I have a sweet suprise and dinner with family & close friends .

bei =)

#4 Chinese New Year. Don't think I could say much about this cause Chinese new year is all about FUN. Fireworks. Cousins. Ang pous. Gong xi Gong xi . ;)
 best firework picture I took ;)

#5 Entered my first 13 and above singing competition but only was the top 5.

#6 Found myself a god family. Its an advise from 娘娘 laa. not for fun one. They even made a ceremony for that and everyone on FB though I was MARRIED and asking WHO AM I MARRYING and WHERE'E THE GUY i'm like DAFUQ?

#7 Went to MLTR's concert at Kuantan. It was my second concert but the first english singer concert and it was really nice!! =D

#8 Performed at the Lions Club Anniversary and got to meet Jackson from Max Identity (Battlegound finalist) and he's coming to be the judge and perform at Step out x2 2012! So you must come!

#9 Had my BOYCUT for no reason. Everyone was shocked and asked whether i 受刺激 or something but I think its just me and trying something new. =) try new things when you're young!! you probably don't want a boycut when you're 50 right? 0_0
 at first it was kinda long, now its more short.

#10 Cousin Ching Ching and David's wedding at Singapore. And for the first time, I was one of the Ji Mui. Fun, but not syiok enough. The night was really awesome and the food was also mouth-watering!!

#11 Started to fall in love with Rilakkuma, Superman, and Hello Kitty ^___^ I freakin' love cute and cool stuffs LOLOL.

#12 Linn our youth exchange from Norway came. That time was when I really get to know Angeline and after that we've got really close now we're like sisters =) She'll just stop by my house and give lots of things then talked and watch tv and have dinner or something. She's the family friend now! Love her max! And also Linn, Julia, Mattheo, Kotoko and Nicholos ;D Had a lot of fun bringing them out to visit and functions .

#13 Went to Chiang Mai, Thailand for the first time with godparents, gege and parents. It was really nice cos the food was AWEZOMMM and ChengMai (KB restaurant) just can't be compared to the original version. LOL but when I miss thai food I'll still go ChengMai and satisfy my tastebud! :D

#14 Compete in a singing competition at 九王爷 but I'm certainly on voice-changing-mode so I went in final but only won 最佳台风奖 & 安慰奖

#15 Fell in love with 那些年,我们一起追的女孩 . read the book, everything, and #failed haven't watched the movie. I am keeping for someone to watch together, as promised. I wanted to watch on youtube which was leaked and pirated, but I really love it and wan to watch it originally, but at last i watch less than half. I'll watch it in Original DVD one day!!! oh and 柯震东 very lengzai ;)
 from left: Vic's, Lydia's, mine ;D

#16 Performed at the Trinity ceremony award and charity concert, which we combined with the KL group. It was so last minute (the combine) and no one actually knows each other . There's no ice breaking or any event and so wasted. there should like be a camp or something. Met a really nice friend and hope we keep in touch.

#17 Saw baby Caelynn for the first time!!!!!!! She's uber Cute!!!!!!! =]

#18 Went to Macau for a holiday trip with family and godparents. Everything was nearly perfect! the weather, the food, the entertaiment, the hospitality, and everything!! Its soooo great. soo soooo great.

And yeah! That's a wrap! =) Its all happy stuffs cause everyone love happy stuffs right!!! ;DD Have a great year everyone! ^___^

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