Friday, January 13, 2012

Christmas 2011

 It was one fine morning and I woke up the last one . The ladies went to spa , sis went gym and the guys went for breakfast. I was being chased to bathe and I don't even get to eat T__T

 we went to the old town ( still new) where most of the casino and hotels are.

Christmas afternoon= FINE DINING FOR LUNCH muahahahahaha!
 Grand Lisboa which is the first casino in Macau built by the Portugese .

Roubuchone au Dome . It is a really famous restarurant ( i don't know) and this is the new one they just moved in to the new building on the dome since december 2011.
 its like KL tower but it doesn't rotate ( thanks god ) and everything is ATAS ATAS ATAS :D

 Menu. only this. lol.
 our waiter from Philipines trying to show us the butter slicing.
 one is the salted butter and the other is the unsalted butter.
 and the bread :D awezom.

Pre-appetizer (amuse the mouth)
 its sea urchin and something i don't really know what's inside. its super tiny. like t i n y

 Prawn soup and prawn head FML. Sorry for the 38 name i gave cause i forgot the atas name d lol.

 we're facing the window and le view of Macau.

Main course
 1, 2, 3
 tadaaaaaa. Mr bean feeel LOL.

this is cod fish. I think it taste meh only the cod fish is nice but i don't like the sauce. especially the orange thing. is it tamarine or something. but its ok la.

The desserts tray
 if you see Junior Masterchef do you know what is this? 
profiterole. the green one. you know???!!! 

 E e's one. I didn't eat cause I'm sooooo full.
 But i had this caramel ice cream.
 guess what's inside? WINE lololol. I didn't ate them all laa so i didn't tasted the inside. Justin told me that. hmmph.
 I put on my christmas hat and let's go out!!!! :D
 gingerbread house :)

We went to the Venitian which is suppose to be looking like Venice, river and no road, and as usual, it is a casino and its full of people!!!!! like pasar malam!!!!! LOL. 

 the gondola. the lady sings really high peach .
 it is actually all the way shopping but we didn't get anything LOL.

and guess what fuck I found.

 RILAKKUMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i went in and saw a shelf of rilakkuma stuffs fmlfmlfml if there is a shirt i'll surely buy T___T I took out my camera and the staff chased me out -_- TAKE PICTURE KENOT ISIT! ADVERTISE FOR YOU NO GOOD ISIT! FUCKYOU! 

and what else??


 random minnie mouse balloon flew up and stucked on the sky hahaha.
 and also MU for the guys! 

and the most fucked up moment

 LIZ LISA!!!!!!!!!

 I can't even believe my eyes. Everything is super chio!! the bad thing is everything's winter clothing but the things are still soooooooooo awesomE!!!!!! like EXPENSIVE LIKE HELL! i think I'll prefer this by branded bags. hmmph. maybe both. :P

window shopping. fuck my life. 

back to the hotel.
 cherries by the..
pool =)

after that we went out for dinner.

on the way out from galaxy.
sexy santa babies.
spot catwoman. super sexy. 

stripe dress; Vior jeans
crop top; Cotton on
leather jacket; yin's
scarf; UK
dark blue leggings; kb
satchel bag; brands outlet
flats; lozenge
christmas hat; christmat event from kb

big wind

we went to this restaurant just opposite the dancing fountain. the fountain is super awesome. it dance to the music! and even got fire! coolmad.

look what we saw when we reached our table.
i don't know what does this call the thing when you pull one side with a person then the thing will pop like fireworks and there's a gift inside.

everyone wearing their table gifts.

sis got a crown from the "mini firework" thingy and I was on my shocked mode. lolol.

open kitchen. hell's kitchen eh?
bread and balsamic vinegar with tomato puree. naizzzz.
amuse the mouth . bread with caviar or something like that.

literally the first risotto I ever ate and its super delicious.

the dancing fountain ;)
town night view.
me and the headchef =)
e e , justin. look how tall is he ==
LOL apunene.
santa came! we're so christmas-y! XD
and look what i took out from the bag!!!! Y SO GOOD!!! the first day I saw a santa in the hotel I picked a toblerone chocolate. wtf wehhh. here they give you mini candycane. or useless stuffs. !!!
gifts we all picked. love the only raindeer xD

then we went to see 大三芭. ( the christian cathedral but now left the wall only if you watch in tv you might know.)
流星花园 hahaha.
and tadaa!!!

on the way we saw this two cute dogs :D
awwww <3

on the top

from the top
there is one part where all the dog lovers gather around. how cute :D 

Christmas is warm =)

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