Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Banyan Tree Hotel

Reached Macau at Christmas eve. Went out the airport and was freaked out by the cold whether. super cold!!! We had this guy from the Galaxy ( It is a building with a casino and 3 hotels) picked us up from the airport with a board saying:" welcome Thomas Chua and family" I was laughing all the way. LOL. (thomas chua is my godfather )

so well our hotel is about 10 minutes away from the airport. Probably everywhere is 10 minutes away. hahahaa. The night scene was unbelievably awesome! The new buildings were all built in a vintage feeel but its super nice. My sister and I was like :" 我不能接受lehh" LOL. But it was truly pretty.

So ee ee (5th aunty) , uncle edwin and Justin was inside the hotel waiting for us. They reached there in the afternoon cause they took a ferry from HongKong. If you read my blog long enough you might know who are they.. =)

Basically our hotel is Banyan Tree. So we went up to the room and I almost fainted.

 well we were greeted by a Christmas welcoming dish :D awezommmmm.
 the living room. SORRRY it is so messy cause I didn't get to take a good picture of it =(
the couch is BIGGER than my single bed wtf. 

 FUCK!!! a pool?!! infront of the pool there's a resting part and someone can actually sleep there. (if they don't sleepwalk cause if they do they may wake up in the pool LOL)

 THE TOILET IS A FREAKING PLACE!!!! look at this Japanese tub. and the toilet seat bowl is automatic and WARM omfgggggg.
 the bed.

did you spot my dad with his underwear =.=
walk in closet.

we went to have a look at the hotel restaurant. its freaking fine dining.
 oyster bar.
 this is a WINE BANK. can you even believe it T___T They keep their customer's unfinished wine and next time they can come and drink it again. why so cool? there were like ladders to the glasses like a library. lol.
 around outside the casino.

 bribit! bribit! ( frog sound LOL ) 

goodnight!!! =D

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