Friday, August 5, 2011

Youth Exchange Programme activities part 1

FYI my YE is a 17 year old girl from Norway. She's Linn. <3

Social Night @ Rennaissance

 Mushroom Soup
 me, Kotoko, Nicolas
+Julia on the left.


Rantau Panjang & Tumpat

 left: Jason, Nic, Yuka, Kotoko, Miho, Linn, Julia, Matteo
 Vivian and Jason (more used to Teck Chuan)
 Angie, Pin, me ^^

 welcoming dinner at DSC

 kotoko's speech. Her dog name Lai. :D
Nic .
top from Blueberry

Batik Factory

 things was getting delayed so we went to DSC for awhile after breakfast for Roti canai .
 they are sketching for their batik.
Kotoko's super cute camera holder

went till PCB to find the batik factory but it wasn't there. ==
 so we had a drink and so. then drive back to town. wtf.

 Angie's bf for the day. haah.
 they were drawing their batik..
while we, went upstairs to the showroom and relax (:

 Angie's thai hello kitty sweet. nice :D

I was kinda worried so I went down to look at them. I helped to draw abit then suddenly Linn shouted. She got wax on her hand. The next second she was crying. It was really pain. Its like hot water on your hands and stay on it for a long time. Brought her up while she was fucked up by the Batik man who wanted to help and accidentally made it fall. 

After putting on some kind of medicine she went up to rest . Then it was kinda ok then she wanted to continue doing. 
I forgot to take Julia's one because she's the last ==

dinner at our place. 
min made tomato Bruchetta , my salad and spaghetti.

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