Saturday, August 6, 2011

baby Kyven's birthday

 she looks kinda korean. omg.
 her collection of drugs.

 purpose on showing my looong legs hahaha.
 qin ^^
 sound system. 

we are girlfriends! :) (lesbian sounds rude)
 same outfit <3

 our pianist =) tried 四手联弹 with her. kinda ok at first but failed most of it. haha.
cute xD
 played water balloons. throwed the balloon to someone you can't get wet. the balloon fell down and break on the floor == body pain only. haha. too little so we used water pipe to battle two sides xD

love Qin's wedges (: makes me think of my heels have all broke and i have no high heels wtf.
 cupcake I made :DD
 Y for yeap kai chuan hehehe :P
I took K but it fell down on facing the floor wtf.
 family photo ^^
12 girls =) missing one tho.

 sitting on Eve ;P
 look she's PEACE-ing too fhl XD
 April the super thin poodle that keeps barking and jumping she's so high..

Ordered Pizza the man super long la. 1 hour plus only come. somemore cannot find the house == i scolded him and don't wanna pay money but they still work so whatever.

we danced with Party Rock Anthem :) love that! everybody shuffeling . hehe.
 chatting side by side. she's lame.
 ven changing April's clothes. haha.

 merry christmas!
 kimono also got!!
kawaii :DD

had a really great day =) happy birthday again girl! ^^

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