Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Wedding

 Hotel toilet. 

We actually discussed in the toilet about what to do on the morning session of the wedding. I meant, there was no one in the toilet so min, yin and I went in each room and we talked and laughed. hahaha. 2 times . Once was when we came back from dinner and poop inside talking. hahaha. we're so silly xD

was full of rose petals! And i can feel romance passion smell . Awww <3 

Preparing for the Ji mui stuffs. 
we're being reallyyyyy lenient for David cause he's an ang moh and cause Ching actually don't want us to degrade . == So yeah..
this one was the obviously the  酸甜苦辣 but i forgot to take the bitter gourd juice.
waiting for the lift. Own lift wtf. this lift is right outside the condo. Every condo has one lift LOL.

we were waiting for them while had a llot of force alarmed.
Once there was a lift coming out and when the lift opened all of us shouted and realized it was not them. Second time we even frighten a cute baby. Urgh. Third time everyone keep quite. Forth time only was the real one.
 his heng dai not enuf! so, go down again. hahahaha.
Look at David so cute!! Red chinese shirt hahaha. And look at the basket!! LOL. Then kai ye said: "oh no, you've come to the wrong floor!" hahaha. And we were all shouting about stupid stuffs like :"are you sure you wanna come in?"
 5 of them.
First they have to guess what is this (this is Buah salok) And obviously they don't know la. One of them guessed it was a fruit so it was right. And then we asked them to eat. He wanted to eat the whole thing hahah with the skin on lol.
 everyone kepo-ing

Well, ANG POW. got $600 plus for the door one. then we took one of the heng dai's $50 from his pocket and they we initially asked for 9999pounds hahahahaaha. lol of cox can't get la T.T

 dancing Makarena . Makarena is so 10 years ago. And I don't even know what song until i heard the music and rarely remembered. Was planning Nobody which is already so last year but Ching wanted this so whatever.

yoga pose! sweating. hahaha.
 this guy doesn't feel anything eating all the stuffs. bu hao wan de =( hah.
 bitter gourd juice. should give ku cha cause bitter gourd juice is not bitter lol.
 green little chili with wasabi . hahahahaha.
 his brother cried. lol.
 still snatching ang pows. Asked them to say out our name as we introduced them at first. I don't remember their names cause I was away that time.
sweeeeet honey ^^
 go find your bride!
we were like changing directions and asked him to guess which room Ching was in. He was wrong for 2 times so gave like a lot of angpows. haha.
then he got to shout 10 languages of "I LOVE YOU" and each ang pow each language.

 finally met :)
min, ning .
one pic of the pang teh session. kai ye kai ma's turn.
counting angpows we got =)
AWESOME AMOUNT. DOUBLE UP CAUSE SGD!!! but i didn't get to use alot. =( shopping for damn awhile only. then money all give to mummy keep T.T

Evening Wedding Vows

this is really the ang moh style . LOL
 David and his Scottish traditional outfit. haha. skirt :D lol.
their vows of love is damn luo man ti ke lo. haha. very atas punya. lol. #38
 damn vain look lol.
floral tube dress . hair was done by the hairdresser but i changed myself cause not that satisfied. #transform succeed.
2nd sis Min ^^
and the two pretty sisters (:
xiao ning and xiao wen the flower girls =D
as you can see xiao ning crying . she's scared haha. no blame. too many people. We were all waiting for the bride and groom to arrive while #don't wanna miss a thing is on then waited so long still no come out everyone was like looking here and there . cause xiao ning lo~
then xiao wen and her i don't know what's happening and when can I stop throwing rose petals with people clapping hands all around me, but stay calm. you'll get compliments. haha.
jie kheng took her away cause she's like crying and throwing rose petals
so left xiao wen alone. she's super adorable man!
yay me! I did it better than jiejie. super gorgeous. now everyone loves me! no offence man. but she's so cute. hehe.

ching throwing her flower backside to the next one marrying! her fren got. we were all pushing yin haha.
wedings. flowers. love.
table flower. this one was taken by pin's DSLR cause I really need to get a pretty pic of this lol.

 changed for my singing performance
 i lost my ring =(

food and services all by yourself. awezomeeee zomg.
 Appetizer Trio
tropical abalone salad
poached drunken chicken with spring onion and ginger sauce
treasure bag

Double Boiled Superior Broth
with cordyceps flower, sea whelk and fish maw

 Baked Lobster with miso paste

Baked Sea Perch with Egg White
in teriyaki sauce

 Calamansi Juice
(this is weird right)

Baked Spare Ribs
with asparagus, conpoy, and diced chicken

The Wedding Cake
chocolate brownie with summer berries compote served with mango sorbet and strawberries
camwhore with the brudder! Micheal my US couz.

the sister is in too :D

mummy , aunty diana ( ee ee) and pinpin.
dajie <3 back in the hotel.

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