Sunday, August 7, 2011

Youth Exchange Programme Activities part 2

 Got invited by the Thai Ambassador or whatever to have dinner at his place. 

 little usherer. so cute :* it lead us to the residence and i took his pic and he waited for me and followed behind. awezomeeeeeee.

  the house is UBER NICE & BIG MAXXX.

 some typical thai food. love the santan tomyam soup ^^

 even the toilet looks like a forest. I can stay here with my ipad for hours or maybe sleep here :P

 mirror above the dining table. we're so fat! hahaa xD

 see how big.
 cropped white bat top: Factorie
 stripes tank dress

 acting like its our home . haha.

Farewell dinner

 pin decided to put on her YE blazer LOL.

 floral top : Bosini
white shorts: Blueberry
 food & Mr Bear (he looks like bear hehe ) his name is Golf and he is a thai.
sound system from Uncle James.
 explaining about their batik
 host family photo =)

 kotoko and her lucky japanese host family which means she don't need to speak english here! (only with us) but her host father is a Malay and their whole family are Muslims ==
 last minute practise
 zenzen :D
 Julia's great performance :)

vie vien
 karaoke session :D

 things started to get a little crazy..
and back to normal. hehe.
 sisters :)

 group photo ;]
Angelin! ^^
one blur but chio pic :P

last day =(

was late for school because we went for breakfast with them at Hayaki. Late 5 minutes. fuckshit got caned and swept school. then went out early ^^V Jason signed us out then we went back to change. Flight time delayed to 2 something then after that retimed to 4 somehing :D :D

last lunch at Renaissance .

banner we made for them =)

Yuka cried half way then Angelin cried when we were all hugging. More people started crying while I just hug and all. After awhile i was with Angelin and they walked inside I kinda started to cry. I was laughing but my tears keep bursting. covered up my mouth and cried.. tho we were just 10 days together but we were very bond. 

we really had a great time with the lovely YE's and its the most memorable YE programme cause I don't really mix with them to go anywhere only when their at home. this time is the HISTORY OF HISTORY. damn. lots of things happened. dun wanna say. 

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