Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day :D

last minute card ><

After Quick, went Ritz boutique for dinner . 
 top; FOS
skorts; Celine

 Handsome daddy ^_^

 butter cream asian style prawn with fried mantou
 ko lo yok
 deep-fry calamari rings. Can't eat this =( but i stole! haha :P too irresistable
 steam fish (sorry bad angle)

after we ate finish, mum suddenly said:"ah! we forgot to order veggg." and started nyan-ing my dad hahahaa. cus he's a meat eater of cos he won't want to order veg lol.

Fami photo =D

 hoho i look so chubby ><
 pinpin~ look. both of us can haz same face! :D

happy father's day daddy (: you're the best of all!

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