Saturday, June 11, 2011

The 3 days away.

Just came back from KL.

I'll blog about it =)

Day 1
Went on a day trip to Melaka. Daddy drove. Supposed to be 1 and a half hour, but lost or something we took like 2 hours plus. Hmmmph.

First, lunch ;D
 must's chicken rice balls.

 hello ^_^

 sisters (: Pin (3rd sis) never came along cause she wanna study at home. LOLOL.

 i like this pic :D becox i'm pretty! hahahaa.
 camwhore while waiting for the tour to the Baba&Nyonya Heritage museum.
 No photography allowed. This was when we finished. It was a great tour! A little scenes where the well are filmed in The Little Nyonya 小娘惹 =D
 It was a wealthy family. Aiya lazy say here u go see for yourself la . haha.
 Jonker streeeeet.

top: primark
shorts: Cotton on
 Drove to Red house.

 A biggggg suprise. Before I went Malacca I told hubby maybe I'll meet up with his ex (she lived in Malacca) if we got faith. MANAZAIIIIII. she saw me. I NEVER SAW HER T.T but IT was a shocked news! hahaha. I wonder how if we ever meet. Hubby said we'll fight. LOL.
 St. paul's hill. Me, mum and big sis went up only. the two lazy bumps stay down at the A famosa.

 There was like a man playing guitar and singing songs then a bunch of malays ran into him and started singing. He then played "Just the way you are" and they all sang (they sucks) hahaha. And it was like a concert everyone there sang. (ok we sang too) LOL. but they're silly.

 Walking through Jonker walk until leg damn pain already. I saw a cute white sleeveless tank top with an orange print DAMN I WANT THAT T.T

Dinner at Little Nyonya

nothing much different with Chinese food. hmmph. maybe the curry. And this egg is no ordinary egg. But i forgot what name already. LOL.

Day 2
went to 1U for dim sum :D
Grand Imperial.

chee cheong fan
century egg porridge
carrot cake
prawn roll with wasabi mayo (this one should be like the fried wanton with prawn inside)
this one supposed be the appetizer.
wu kok (yam stuffings)
fried ribs
we eat a lot ><
desserts, egg tart . this one nice =)
Chinese almond soup. don't like this.

Then we shopped around 1U awhile. Bought my tennis shoes :3 Went in forever 21 and cotton on come out with nothing. LOL.

Then we went to Bangsar to shop at boutiques.


The owner's cute dog (:

little Chi tzu. Played with it. so cuteeeee :D big ass eyes.
Mum bought a dress there. 


Owner's daughter
She's good at iphone. LOL.
She kinda looks like Donald Duck when she walks. so cute ;P
top; FOS
high waisted shorts; Topshop

The owner has a Chi Tzu also. wore shirt one. Bigger a bit. Walks out so arrogantly. I went to touch it and guess wat? IT BITES ME. fuck you. hahahah. Hate arrogant dogs. 

Then we went to Blueberry. Bought pastel cute clothes there. Will go there again! :D

Next @ Gossips. Bought a top there too . 

Then we went in to Bangsar Village to have dinner.
 Plan B
 My nails look gorgeous under these lights. haha.

Menu (with fish eye effect)
water container that looks like medicine. lol.

The salad was nice .

My main dish. The crab is yummy. Love the sauce.
 I think this is the best chicken pie ever. Love the pastry (:
 Always Pin missing. Hmmmph.
 2nd sis Min (:

Day 3
Need to wake up early cos gonna catch a movie. Mum woke up at 8 30 and called everyone (literally, i slept in her room she never call me lol) to wake up and said its 12. hahaha. 2nd sis said its just 8 she insists that its 12. She went to see the clock again then only realized she was wrong. haha. funny mummy. 

I was using 2nd sis Min's camera as she didn't even use == gimme la. ish. Hers is Sony Powershot G12

Well got ready and went to have branch at somewhere near Pavilion and Sungei Wang. One undergroudn air-conditioned hawker center called Lot 10 Hu Tong. At Imbi road. There's the best hawker ever! hehehe (: The foood was nice too ^^
 Luo han guo

 them buying food while me camwhoring =]

 This singapore noodles is damn nice !
mine ! Hokkien mee. weeeee ^^
thick yee mee. Ok only lo~

Then we walked to Sephora awhile then went into Pavilion. There was a superhero show on the centrecourt. Green Lantern was on. All superhero were acting. I walked downstairs to see the Superman Tee. Damn pricey. Hundred plus T.T So I went up again while calling sis. Suddenly a man (worker) pushed me gently away and I was like @_@ then i looked on my left BATMAN WAS ON HIS WAY, RUNNING DOWN TO THE STAGE. hahahaha. this is damn cool! :D I wanted to stay longer cos i wanna see Superman.... But gotta catch Kung Fu Panda 2 @ GSC.

Ticket bought through GSC Mobile from Sis's iphone. easy! No need to queue up and see lovey birds cuddling and hugging infront of you. == But it took some time. Did it the night before but failed, so did it in the morning. Got the code, and you just scan the code on the GSC counter and then you can just go. (No need ticket wtf) and my code is picture taken my sis's iphone lol cos we're not going with her so we're not with the iphone. I took 2nd sis's iphone to take the code's photo and scan it through. Can worrrr. I AM SO PRO. hahaha xD

We sat at the third row cause all full house edi. aikkks. But desperately, we just have to squeeze in at this time.BBBut there were people sitting infront of us. One guy sitting on the first row was like sitting like lying. hahaha. 
this is seriously FTW. Po is so cuuuuuute ^_^ Story mainly based on Po finding himself  when he's a kid and how he came from. His dad is a goose! LOL! so yeah.. And the kung fu of the movie is INNER PEACE. I ain't gonna say anything else you go watch yourself lah :D

Finished the movie . CUTE to the max =) alot of "awww" going inside. hehehe. 

Then we met up family at The Loaf. Damn loads of breads and stuffs inside. Owned by Mahathir. Mahathir ehhh! 4th Prime Minister of Malaysia. I'm not dumb ok. (actually i googled it) haahah XD Its really nice. damn many people.
 Mine & Min's. Egg bun and brownies. Hers is the mushroom thingie.

Get to go to Sungei Wang cheapest shop for like 20 mins. hahaha. I actually wanted to cry cause they don't wanna bring me there. I was angry T^T. Then dad drove the car and said "go.. u guys bring her go.." then we ended up with express shopping. hahaha. love you daddy :D Bought a squirrel pants and a high waisted shorts. damn squeezy loh! many people. 

Went back and snuggle around on bed. Got ready and went for dinner with Ko Leong. No babies =( nvm. next day! hehe. Ate crab. damn niceeeee :D never took pic cause i use my hands to eat and i'm damn lazy already. sorrryyy ><
 Changed jeans and goodbyeeeee T.T

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