Thursday, June 23, 2011

All the way from the UK

 a post before I leave to Sg if you don't know. Going for Ching's wedding ( 2nd uncle's daughter) married to David (ang moh again). LOL pics to go. <3 Miss meee :P

Evelyn was back from UK (her dream came true for going to Paris) gratz dear ^^

Then she got chicken pox wtf. Came back and was absent for nearly 2 weeks to school. damn it i felt really lost. Seriously. I haz no friend. haha. The others acc me sometime baby boy only came down once. =(

This morning I just sat down on my chair then she appeared infront of my class. I was like O_O then shouted and ran to hug her. Then only got 2nd thoughts: hey, can i hug you?! haha. Well doesn't matter! Though I haven't got my chicken pox, got vacine. but she said its ok she's recovered. Hope so =)

 stuffs she get for me.
this one was her cross-stitch she did when she's at home doing nothing LOL. nice . thx (: its framed!
 and this was the cutest thing ever.
yeah lip gloss. saw it before in mag. omfg. removed the plastic and the fragrance damn came out so quickly.
 this is uber cute or wattttt.
Raspberry Fluff- pink shimmer .

todayyyyy was damn stupid and also awesome. In school crazy with Lydia. Did the candle thingy. ran away from Quick, Lim Tien Seng and Liew . Ponteng periods. It was done and kinda happy with it. My 8-monthsary gift for baby boy. <3 hope you loveeee it ^^

After school ponteng Badminton and Pengakap. Damn. Went to McD. Met up Min Er. hoho. She's so cute with yin yan hahahah. Had a great time eating with baby tho. <3<3 laughed and talked damn loud till everyone looking at us >< hahaha. 

Then went to Parkson. Four of us. Double date. yeah. Double date. haha xD walked the whole parkson. Kinda fun. ^^ we were walking though lanes without shops. Both of them don't dare (cause its quite and cold) so me and baby went. Seriously nothing. A little scary. but its bright laa. I pushed and frightened baby hahahha he got frighten. hahahahaha. omg why is he so cute xD

Went back to school. Pengakap and St John were cooking. Shouldn't came when kawat. lol. We were in Medang ponteng-ing. ha.

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