Monday, June 20, 2011

Couz Wedding Registration

Ah Di Ko getting married :D
ah di ko is 阿弟哥!阿妹姐's brother. hahahah XD

Long time din see him d. He was at England all this time. He came back and he is damnnnnn chubby now. hahahha.

It was my piano exam as well. 

 Dress; Lijin

my so called lucky charm necklace from my godmother. haha. 

camwhore ;)

My piano exam was slightly a relief. NO need to practise anymore :D

Dinner at Renaissance. (Family dinner) headmaster's retirement dinner also.

 (don't know why i cannot rotate this pic )
 top; Bangkok
shorts; sungei wang
fake one nike watch; (mz's)
bracelets; Miss Selfridge

I was still sick so I didn't ate most of the things =( sobsob.
shark's fin soup
 duck pao
 eight treasure. (actually juz prawn, squid all that only lol)
 yee mee
don't really know is this pumpkin or sweet potato soup. haha.

Biao sao's sister's lil boy . Not sure his name. Cause asked his dad and he said Calsus? Calcium? Celsius? Calsum? lol really don't know. we were all guessing. well doesn't matter, he's cute :D

this baby also got performance at the ballroom. <3

Congratz again a di ko :)

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