Monday, February 6, 2012

OFTD- all in a row

Its been quite some busy time I don't really have time to blog. Bahhhh.

I am still hardworking enough. LOL.

cream sleeveless chiffon top; sungei wang
shorts; Goss:ps
glasses necklace; Otomos (online)
dogchain bracelet; Brands Outlet
pink bracelet; Cotton On

grey nordic print fringe crop top; Forever 21
demim shorts; Cottonn On
Camera Furball Keychain; Madison's Ink
 Dress; Sungei Wang
nails; Topshop
Wedges; ChiangMai
Dog chain (feet); Banana
Ribbon Chain (feet); Otomos (online)
 Jumpsuit; Lozenge
bracelets; Miss Selfridge
Satchel bag; Brands Outlet
 specs; Cotton On
stripes dress; Miusa I-fashion (online)
fringe crop top; Forever 21
Basketball singlet; Forever 21
Grey Squirrel Pants; Bibby shop (online)

Goodbye and Goodluck in everything :D Trial coming soon next week. DAMN.

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