Tuesday, February 21, 2012

More Macau

 I know i'm late but I haven't been going out lately ( exams . shit ) so yeah.. :D

 the spinning thing that we saw on TV and wanted to play so hard. Trust me, this thing is super headache. NOT FUN! lol.
 spotted a giant size stitch probably bigger than a real-life sized one. lol. for Ziwan ;)

 hotel beach. on the 2nd floor. Dafuq how to build?
 I went on a 12 year old boat thingie. fun!
 miniature gold lol. I can't even hit the ball . failed.
 I'm handsome and I know it. hahahahaha.
 went for a tour at the hotel Villas.
 street in Macau
 Saradurra. One of Macau's best known desserts.
 couz Justin. 
that morning, we went down and met at the lift but its full. (they stayed in another floor). Justin told us to wait down there. And then we noticed our shirt. Laughed like hell. Then he zipped up his jacket and said I'm copying him. Then we quarreled about who took out the shirt first. I won cause I took out the shirt the day before. hahahhaha.

 pool . Played shark with sis, justin, my mom and e e . hahahahahahaha damn fun and childish.
 superhot and supercold pool.

Macau is awezommmmm.

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