Thursday, July 14, 2011

my week entry

I know I've been lag of blogging now. Really lazy. sorry.

cut my hair again. more than half the ear. heh heh. i feel so man~ omg. haha.

 sorry but act cool failed . lol.

Jing Si with Lydia.

 Lydia :D

 best tea ever. Roselle.
 president dinner at Down syndrome centre . Went there after vocal. no food to eat == so mum brought me and pin go kebun sultan eat. i wan porridge, but no sell le. so we go to Golden Flower . Not bad :)

scallop chiffon top; gossips
sqquirrel pants; Sungei wang
wristband&watch; random

McD with lydia. studying again. went to school see baby play football. heheh. 

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