Saturday, July 2, 2011

First day

Flight at 9 something. Delayed.

Reached LCCT about noon. FOOD.

Old Town
 Lemon Tea
Nasi Lemak

Flight to Sg. Reached about 3 something.

Took a cab to the Hotel. 
Shangri- La Hotel

This is the best hotel I've ever been. 
Ya the usherer opened the cab door (almost everywhere u take cab people open the door for u lol) and I just stepped out of the car the man was like really friendly and kind. And he said he loved my smile. OMG you win your costumer's heart. hahahaha. Well done? :P
 fish eye effect
 big ass.
 our room ( 4 of us sleeping. Yeah i'm the youngest so me and Min slept on the floor)
 Fruit of the day, Banana.
 after we reached the room for awhile, a worker came and gave us this welcome tea.
 what the hell? 
ok its like the first time I've went somewhere like a 6 star Hotel and all SPONSORED wtf. So i'm very excited and don't accuse me i'm not sam pat. hahahaa.


Lunch (real lunch) at Orchard Road 
i forgot what shopping mall already. Its a hawker centre named basement. ya at basement. Air-cond and quiet. Our hawker will be like.. 

"kopi o kurang manis 1!"

"lao ban.. gan lao mian yi ge"

"dik dik, milo peng soh"

wtf. #malaysian
 ko lo mee

Then we went to another shopping mall where they have this.
 at the rooftop.

We were sipe sampat. Went with the transparent lift to the highest floor and look here and there . there was a 3 floor escalator (we wented to go that one!) but went to the highest floor only realized that the escalator was only for going up fol.
 rooftop garden.
sis with her short brown hair. NAIZZZ.
 art like everywhere.
 they wanted to see
 the Marina Sand Bay.. I saw this like infront of it already la hahahaha. (school trip)
left; Yin, Ko boon, Cathryn, pin, me.
 kai kor & kai sao


Dinner at Crystal Jade.

 every kid was stuck with Iphone/Ipad/I whatsoever. in the game of ANGRY BIRD fml. When I was so young I think I was still catching Dora the explora. LOL.

and super realistic la if you have angry bird then they will stick with you wtf.
smiley face when they see angry bird lol.
heng!!! cheng's lil bro.
he is soooooo cuteeee :3 he'll be my fav one =) and he's so much obedient then naughty cheng. and he is sooo litttlllle omg!! little people is so cute!!! :D
one pic with the naughty but super cute one :P

ok stop.
food (:
 whoops. got to take one small piece only cause i was in the toilet when the food came lol.
scallops and chicken soup
 deep fried crab with challotes
fried scallops with asparagus
 this looks kinda disgusting but its nice. Beg (bayam) soup with century eggs and kinds of eggs.
 crab meat with noodles
 ruffles crop top; yin's
stripes skirt; vior jeans
wedges; lazyshoppers

 hotel room.

goodnight peeps!

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