Friday, March 30, 2012

Long time no see?

I forgot when was the time I last blogged. Sorry :X I got nothing to blog . 

photos by this week. 
GF3 borrowed from Eve. 

Was testing the camera and I as well take some photos of my room =)

 this is my bed. Im sleeping like a japanese, konichiwa watashiiwa Zen-chan ;D
 ok so left is the door, right is the small closet, another one beside it. um basically I just decorating my room and my mum said I was having a fiesta in my room ( the mini flags ) LOL.

 and this is my desk where i do homework, and put nonsense on. Its really messy , sorry >< Its really small i need extensions lolol. there's a box beside the table on the floor where I put some of my stuffs, fyi cus there is no drawer or anything.

 Hello I have a geeky side of me ;)

have you saw my video I was gonna take part in the X PAX who's the next lee hom contest. CROSSFINGERS!!!! I hope i win x.x
I've been eyeing on this for quite a while , I like my pretty diary products cos its sweeeeeet. And irresistable. So I bought this, and a few masks ;D
 the pack has mini items of sweet sweet desserts profucts. Even the name taste yummy. Can't wait to try on the mask. heehee ;D

 night out with Anne jiejie and boyfie

ummm. goodbye? I know its short so stay tune for more! =)

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