Monday, May 30, 2011


I'm back . Again. I won't die. Don't worry. CHOICHOICHOI. touch wood touch wood!


I accidentally deleted my old blog WTFFFFFF. But I have no space on that blog anymore so I was doing this new blog and went through damn many things. Headaches, scoldings, heart pain, arghhh. But don't care. I do what I want and now I've got it =)

If you don't know how my old blog used to be, it was something like this.
nice lehh ;P hahaha. kinda xin tong when it was deleted =( Can't find way to get it back anymore. But whatever, new memories to be made. 

Well but you can also still see my wordpress blog (i have damn loads of blog hehehehe )

Follow meeeeeee (: And keep reading. My blog welcomes you ;D But if you're a bitch of a mfk then pls fuck off. No offense taken. I'm me. Thanks god. 

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